Rebekah Of Sunnybrook Farm Is Upset!

Rebekah Brooks is a sweet, attractive woman who has used her brains and beauty in order to climb the steps of power. She was a chief executive of News of the World and encouraged its employees to “get the story regardless of cost.” OK, so maybe they sometimes stepped across the line of legality, but they did get the story. OK, so maybe they hacked into phones of people, but who was actually damaged by having their words broadcast to the world??

Rebekah is being charged by the government with hiding evidence, and conspiring to thwart the law. She insists  to never having done anything wrong or illegal–at least according to her definition of these words. Prosecutors claim there is “sufficient evidence   for there to be a realistic prospect of  conviction.” Of course, those are words uttered by SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS AND THOSE WHO HATE GOD. How can any member of the Murdoch team be guilty of anything wrong. They always obeyed the Boss. Is that in itself not sufficient evidence of their innocence??