Rebels With Confusing Causes

Muammar Gaddafi is dead. Rebels forces now control all major cities and areas in Libya. Of course, in the process of defeating government forces, Libyan rebels have created a host of local militias, each of whom is convinced they played the major role in defeating the dictator. Each militia has weapons and as of this moment, few are willing to surrender their  arms in the cause of a united Libya.

The National Transitional Council wants militias to disband and cease being in charge of specific areas of the country. Naturally, militias are fighting with one another and even among themselves. The drink of power is very intoxicating and  one can readily become addicted to having others obey your desires.

Secular groups are terrified at announcements by Transitional leaders who seek to impose Sharia law. Why did they fight to overthrow one dictator in order to now have clerical dictators? That is one question that remains unanswered.