Recession –Blame Them Foreigners!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has witnessed dramatic drops in his popularity figures due to his inept performance as leader of his nation . How does one convince the British people that you have been actually doing a terrific job? Simple, find the nearest group of migrants and blame them for an economic collapse, faulty foreign policy decisions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and fears that individual liberties are threatened by big government. Brown intends to make a speech based on the concept of “British jobs for British workers? Who can be against that motto–British voters? He will argue that government sponsored training programs are designed to train British citizens, not them damn foreigners.

Naturally, the prime minister will promise to curtail the influx of migrants even though latest figures indicate there is a growing outflow of migrants from the UK back to their home or to other areas where they can find jobs.

Question for PM Brown: Are the immigrants responsible for your inept policies in Iraq and Afghanistan?