Recruiting Muslims In US Army

For over half a century, Irish terrorist groups such as the Irish Republican Army, conducted bomb attacks on civilians resulting the death of hundreds, but for some strange reason no cries were uttered about keeping those of Irish background from entering the American army nor were those with Irish names subjected to discrimination. The United States Army is currently experiencing problems in getting people of Muslim background to enter the service since those who do are subject to discrimination. According to Mickey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the situation in the armed forces for those of the Muslim faith is “horrible” and there are constant examples of discrimination ranging from extra duty on Christmas to being confronted with verbal and physical abuse.

Certainly, there are those of Middle Eastern background of those who have strong religious feelings who hesitate at killing fellow Muslim from that region. The reality is for the coming decades this will be an issue and it is time to recognize that Muslims are no less loyal Americans than those of Irish background!