I believe the Republican Party is correct– it is time to redistribute the wealth. However, my only disagreement is who should be the recipient of the redistributed wealth. After thirty years of Reagan and Bush and accomodating Democrats who fear angering their wealthy contributers, it is time to only be concerned about the middle and lower classes in American society. It is about time the wealth was redistributed in their direction.

Redistributiion of wealth has been proceeding at a steady pace these past thirty years through means of tax cuts and allowing the wealthy to circumvent paying taxes. The solution to ending poverty in America is easy to solve. We propose the following:

1. On death, all money above the figure $25,000,000 will be turned over to the Federal government.

2. All money earned via wages, bonus payments, or selling stocks each year that exceeds the sum of $10,000,000 will be taxed at the rate orf 70%.

4. Each American is guaranteed an income of $25,000 and a family is guaranteed an income of $50,000 per year.

5. All Americans have the right to be placed in a government health insurance system. Beginning in 2012, all Americans under the age of 62 can enroll in Medicare.

6. Each major city in America should have a college that does not charge tuition.

7. Government programs should be initiated that focus on rebuilding our infrastructure.

8. A Federally financed “Innovative Economic Ideas” center will be established to loan money to innovators.

9. The Federal government will begin construction in each major urban area of high speed trains that operate every five minutes. No cars should be allowed in these major cities between Monday-Friday.

10. Every child shall be afforded a free computer, printer, etc.. upon entering kindergarten.