Reds United For Thaksin

Some nations divide along ideological lines, others such as Tailand are more concerned over the color of clothes one wears. Prime Minister Yingluch Shinawatra regards it her task in life to remove laws that prevent her brother from returning to Thailand and once again becoming the leader of Thailand. At this moment in time, Bangkok is under siege by those who want her brother kept far, far away from the nation. They have seized large parts of the city and are clamoring for his sister to resign from office and head north to areas in which her brother is adored as a saint. A meeting of red-shirt leaders is urging thousands from rural areas to head towards Bangkok and challenge demonstrators who want an end to rule by the Shinawatra clan.

Frankly, it is now unimportant who is right or wrong. The issue at this point in time is to prevent the outbreak of violence and divide the country. There are moments in time to place the needs of a society before one’s concern about a brother. It is time to talk, and to negotiate in which both sides step back from the path toward war and violence. The world will go on without dear brother in power.