Redskins Scalped By Government

The United States government has launched an attack on those damn Washington Redskins for daring to use the word, Redskin. According to our Federal government, the use of this word is “disparaging to Native Americans.” In other words, one can use the expression, Native Americans, and honor those who were living in North America when Europeans initially arrived, but, under no conditions, dare to use the insult of, Redskin.

Those living in North America prior to the arrival of Europeans conquerers were NOT AMERICANS. They were Sioux or Apache or Delaware or Iroquois and so on. They had tribal names and NONE of them was, Native American. The name, American, derives from Amerigo Vespuci. He worked for the powerful Medici family, and after returning from his voyages to the New World, wrote descriptions of his trip. A Medici sent the description to some monks in Germany who just bought a printing press. They printed the letter and in a forward noted that since Amerigo Vespuci had discovered this land, they would refer to it as America.

In other words, American refers to an ITALIAN.

So, who cares if Redskin or American is used. Both are incorrect.