Reflections Of A Killer

I am certain this evening at the White House a mother and father will chat with their children, perhaps play some games and cuddle on the couch in love and joy. Brandon Bryant worked for the president of the United States of America as a hired murderer. He spent the past few year sitting at a computer tracking men and women who were going about their lives in Afghanistan. He worked on the drone execution program which identified people as “insurgents” and members of the Taliban whose life was to shortly end because someone in the American armed forces decided two men walking on a road were deadly killers. Bryant estimates that during his tenure about 1600 people met their deaths by being at the end of a missile headed toward “the enemy.” He now spends his days and nights with haunting memories of how he murdered people in the name of democracy.

Former Captain Bryant recalls seeing drone missiles headed toward a compound in which he could plainly see a little girl at play-just before her death. He recalls seeing three men walking along a road when the order came to kill them. He sees the explosion, he sees the man holding half a leg. “It took him a long time to die. I just watched him.”

I am certain this evening no one will die in agony at the White House. All will go to sleep in peace and harmony. Another militant bit the dust.