Reform Iranian Cleric Denies Ahmadinejad

Mahdi Karroubi, a moderate Iranian cleric blasted President Ahmadinejad for making ridiculous statements concerning the Holocaust. The cleric made clear: “The Holocaust is a fact. It is obvius that it has occurred no matter whether the number of people who perished were six million or six thousand. (Denying the Holocaust) is of no benefit to Iran.” He promised if elected president in June he would reverse many of the current president’s policies including his inane statements about the Holocaust. Iran is confronting serious economic problems caused by the drop in oil prices and there is need for economic development and re-establishing relations with other nations according to Karroubi.

Karroubi made clear that Ahmadinejad has derailed his nation from economic development that was being fostered by former President Khatami. He also complained Ahmadinejad’s performance at the recent UN conference on racism had only undermined the “dignity of Iran and Iranians.”