Reform Russian Education-Help USA

The Russian government has decided to institute changes in the education system of their country. The good news is under the new system, students will have greater choices as to what they wish to study. However, all will now be compelled to take, “Russia in the World,” whose goal is to ensure that youth learn about “the falsification of history at the expense of Russia’s national interests.” Perhaps, it is time for the United States to introduce a course related to learning about falsifications of their nation’s past and present. Here are some possible new history courses:

From Sarah Palin: “Learn how liberals are traitors to America.” Included in the course will be a three month unit on how Governor Sarah Palin made Alaska the most economically advanced state, as well as a two week unit on: “The Blood Libel In History Aimed At Sarah Palin’s Reputation.”

From George Bush: The course is entitled: ‘Mission Accomplished–the True Story of How We Won In Iraq.” The course includes a three week unit on how to persuade people to do what you wish by employing the methods of waterboarding.

From Glenn Beck: ‘Learning History Via Use of Drawing Lines.” Included in the course is a three week unit on how to follow the lines leading to the pot of gold.

From Dick Cheney: “Democrats Are Un-American Communist Lying Bastards!”