Refugee Camps For Zimbabweans In South Africa?

The plight of Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa is reaching the critical point as thousands continue arriving in flight from the chaos and economic disaster created by the inept, criminal government of President Robert Mugabe. The South African Department of Home Affairs is now exploring the possibility of creating “transit camps” to house the over three million refugees who scrounge for jobs and anger native born South Africans who regard them as economic competitors. The conditions under which poverty stricken Zimbabweans live is daily becoming desperate. The Home Affairs department is trying to find a way to care for the refugees while at the same time facing reality that jobs for Zimbabweans means fewer for native born South Africans.

The best solution lies in creating a Zimbabwean government that is not under the control of Robert Mugabe. South African leaders have supported this corrupt leader under the belief that any and all Africans leaders must be aided regardless of what they do to the people of their nation. Until that attitude and belief ends, it is impossible to stem the exodus from Zimbabwe. If they remain in Zimbabwe they face the reality that over 4,000 have died of cholera and 90,000 are infected.

Stand up for the people of Zimbabwe and end support for the criminal, Robert Mugabe