Reggae Singer Sings Of Hating Gays And Lesbians

Jamaican reggae singer, Suzzia(real name is Miguel Orlando Collins) is a blatant hater of gays and lesbians who fills his songs with words of condemnation toward anyone who is homosexual. He has urged in his songs that homosexuals be killed and beaten and tortured and feel proud to uphold such views. He admits to signing the Reggae Compassionate Act under which reggae singers promised to tone down the anti-gay hate. However, according to Suzzia, “No one can stop me from telling people what I believe is right. I just don';t do it officially anymore,” but wants the world to know he strongly supports the Jamaican government view that homosexuality must be stamped out in the country.

Many critics urge banning his concerts and condemning his views in order to persuade people to avoid attending any of his musical performances. Fine, don’t go hear him sing, ignore his rant of hate, but if others like him, that is their musical right. Of course, Zuzzia is confronted with the prospect that many producers do not want him to perform since it creates problems for them.

Unfortunately, many have made popular singers who rant hate against many groups. A pox on all of them. They transform the beauty of music into a song of violence toward the innocent. A pox on all of them.