Rehab Amazing Says Ford

There is something about Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, that makes life seem a more pleasant place to live. He is either dead drunk or off in the sky on a cocaine trip that eventually finds him in a human state of mind that enjoys one and all. He is currently in rehab after being discovered using crack cocaine. He now shouts to the world, “Rehab is amazing. I feel great.” He promised not to clean out his desk, and he promised to keep the locks as they are. Perhaps,others might try a little rehab:

1. Mitt Romney could spend a few weeks in a homeless shelter and live on a dollar a day. It would certainly clean out his head about the joys of poverty.

2. Any Fox News broadcaster could live for one month on Food Stamps. It would promise loss of weight, and the joy of awakening with an empty stomach.

3. How about Barack Obama spending a day in Yemen dodging drones? Great for exercise.

4. Ted Cruz could spend a week trying to walk across the deserts of Mexico and get jump across the border. He could use losing a few pounds of his body.