Reign Of Terror In Spain

If you are considering a visit to Spain, make certain to avoid the island of Mallorca if safety is your concern. A reign of terror has wracked the island due to rise of terrorist Muslim groups. The town council, in an effort to halt the spread of terrorism, has banned  Muslim women from wearing a  burqa or a niqab in public  places. According to Mayort Biel Serra, it is an issue of “public safety.”

Actually, there are exactly two Muslim women on the island who wear a face covering. However, the mayor is concerned that if one of them commits a crime it will be impossible to identify the culprit. There is need on this island to find out who is behind the reign of terror. Frankly, the mayor is right to focus on these two Muslim women as the source of crime and terror. First, they  take over Mallorca, next the two women seize control of Spain.