Released Killer Killing Time

Many Americans believe it is their Christian duty to bear arms because Jesus Christ was a founding member of the National Rifle Association. Mr. George Zimmerman is now famous because he was found innocent of killing an unarmed 17 year old boy named Trayon Martin. Since his acquital by a jury that found him innocent because he stood his ground and defended himself from an unarmed boy, the man has spent his time seeking publicity. He enjoys appearing on television to explain how he shot and killed a boy. During this time he has also engaged in fights with his parents, threatened them, drew a weapon on a girl friend, threatened another girl friend with a shotgun. I am certain the jury of decent Florida folk would agree that George had the right to threaten people.

This is simply another in the endless stories of Americans supporting the use of weapons and the murder of unarmed people because someone stood his ground. I am from the streets of New York City. The first lesson one learned was-if you feel endangered, head the other way-swiftly!