Religion And Health

Frankly, I am confused as to why there is even a discussion in the US Supreme Court regarding the so-called religious rights of businessmen to deny access to health care for their employees. Some businessmen argue since they do not believe in abortion on religious grounds they are not bound to provide women access to preventive health measures such as abortion. There are religions which do not believe in the field of medicine, I assume that a businessman can argue since his religion does not allow an individual to use hospitals or doctors, then he has a right not to pay for such services under the Affordable Care Act. How about:

1. Organize your own religion and then argue it does not allow any form of medicine.

2. Organize your own religion and argue that it does not allow any tax money you pay to be used for paying those on unemployment insurance.

3. Some are pacifists due to religion, I assume this means they do not have to allow any of their tax money to go to pay for weapons.

Ridiculous argument.