Religion And Turkey

During most of the 20th century the nation of Turkey was governed by those seeking to maintain the separation of church and state, or should we say, between the mosque and  state. About a decade ago the Justice and Development Party(AKP) gained political power in the country. It presented itself as a moderate Muslim party that respected the  rights of those who were either not Muslim or Muslims who prefer separation of mosque and state. As each election has led to increased voting power, the AKP has become more and more vocal concerning its religious goals.

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan made clear what he desired. “Do you expect the conservative democrat AK Party to raise atheist generations? This may be your objective, but not ours. We will raise a generation that is conservative and democratic and embraces the values and historical principles of this nation.”

I regret to inform PM Erdogan, but in a “democratic society, ” children are NOT raised to believe in the philosophy and values of A  political party. If they are raised in the Erdogan approach it is a dictatorial society.