Religion, Bane of Loving Neighbors

I recall during the 1960s how many Americans with high ideals traveled to Asia in search of wisdom from Buddhists wise men sitting cross legged and offering sage words of peace. Most people in Burma are practicing Buddhists, but there are also sections of the country where Muslims and people of other faiths reside. In the latest outbreak of anti-Muslim feeling, thousands of Muslims have been forced to flee from as ethnic Arakan Buddhists went on a rampage against Rohingya Muslims. A fisherman told reporters, “my house was burned to ashes and I have no money.”

Reports indicate that Buddhists burned more than 800 homes and barges. The death total is at least 67 in one week. Human Rights believes that is a low figure as the rampage against these impoverished Muslims continues. The origin of this dispute is uncertain. Although Rohingya Muslims have lived in Myamar for decades they are charged with  being foreigners who came to take away the scarce land of Buddhists.

Nothing new under the sun, just people who follow some God seeking to prove to their God that bigotry and hatred still are number one on planet Earth.