Religion Leads To Death

Europe  had its hundred years of religious death and destruction before all agreed for a time out. Of course, the time out lasted until World War II when Germany decided to renew death and destruction of those whose religion was not the majority of people in a nation. The Middle  East daily is witnessing religion play a role in murder of the innocent. The Shiite government of Iraq has charged Sunni political leaders with being traitors while the Shiite President Bashar al-Assad has charged Sunnis with being behind the rebellion which has now lasted nearly a year.

Last week, 16 bomb blasts rocked Baghdad. Prime Minister Maliki  blamed it on Sunni militants. Vice Prime Minister Tariq al Hashemi, currently in Kurdistan to prevent his arrest by Maliki, told the media, “those who are behind all these explosions and incidents (were) part  of the government security forces.” Heck, Hitler used the same tactic to gain power, created a false fire scare in parliament and blamed it on communists.

The unanswered question is: are Assad and Maliki attempting to create bomb incidents in order go provide evidence they can attack Sunnis?