Religion-Love Or Hate?

In theory, the concept of religion is to bring people together in some form of love and peace with God. Of course, there are those who believe God spends his time throughout the universe spreading the gospel of war and  hate. A few days ago, a mob in Pakistan went on a rampage because someone claimed that a Christian uttered blasphemy by insulting Muhammad. Mr. X  said that Mr. Y, a Christian insulted his Prophet and therefore the only solution was to  gather together a mob and head for the Christian part of town. An estimated 170 homes were torched-in the name of God and love, I assume. A Christian minority exists in the mainly Muslim nation of Pakistan and every so often, mobs of hate and violence attack those who are defenseless.

Hundreds of Christians clashed with the police  as they demonstrated for protection against hatemongers. The police arrested about 160 “suspects” and we can be certain that of this group at least, zero will be found guilty of anything other than behaving like good Muslims.

OK, it was now the turn of Christians to loot. I await some comment blaming the United States for this outbreak of violence. Or, perhaps, the Obama administration can send some drones and get the guilty folk!