Religion Trumps Law

I got rights. I am a born again Christian who believes that I have rights to be a Christian. I am also the owner of a business and, according to the Constitution, I am a citzen of the United States of America. This Obamacare does not have the right to tell this citizen it lacks freedom of expression. Once you deny a businessman the right of free expression, it is simply one step on the road to serfdom. Therefore:

1. It is against my religious beliefs to pay workers a minimum wage. Just check the Bible.

2. It is against my religious beliefs to forbid children under the age to be denied the right to work. Just check the Bible.

3. It is against my religious beliefs to prevent parents from whippping their children. Their children belong to them and they have complete control over them.

My religious beliefs entitle me, as a man, to at least four wives.

Barack Obama is a servant of the Devil and he wants this man to take away my religious freedom.