Religious Bigotry In Turkey Forces Girls To Leave School

The Islamic Justice and Development Party of Turkey has worked hard to avoid arousing fears of secular Turks they will impose Sharia law on the population. Unfortunately, at the lower levels of Turkish society that message has not gotten through to those in charge of schools. Four female students at a Turkish vocational school who were living in dormitories were forced to leave the school when teachers and dorm officials tried forcing the girls to adopt formal Muslim attire such as making them pray, and wear a headscarf. Turkish education authorities made clear no one could be forced to pray or fast or wear a headscarf and the incident would be investigated.

The party of Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul is trying very hard to avoid such situations because forcing females to wear a headscarf is as incorrect as forbidding women to wear one. Hopefully, this is a minor incident that will not occur in the future.