Religious Civil War In Israel

A civil war is brewing in Israel and it has nothing to do with Palestinians or Muslims of Hezbollah. The nation is divided over the issue as to whether ultra-Orthodox men who spend their lives studying the Torah should be exempt from serving in the military at age eighteen. The current Tal law exempts them from doing so and thus over sixty thousand men have not served. Shaul MOfaz of Kadima insists the law must be changed as do most secular Israelis. Prime Minister Netanyahu is inclined to go along with a compromise, but fears if he ends the Tal law there will be social conflict in the nation.

An orthodox Jew, Yaakov Uri argued, “you think it is so easy to sit and study all day and bring up seven children on $700 a month?” Some orthodox Jews argue their prayers deflected bombs during the Gulf War. Reality is the Tal law originated in 1948 as Israel became a new nation. Due to the Holocaust thousands of religious leaders had been killed and there was a shortage of such men in the country. THAT is why orthodox men were exempt.

Today, there are 66,000 exempt. The original reason no longer applies. Sorry, prayers will not deflect bombs, only soldiers can accomplish that goal.