Religious Folk Ain’t Real Religious In Content

I daily encounter religious people shouting to heaven at the decline in morality and expressing their fears at the decline in religion among Americans. A recent study by the Pew Forum on Religion and PUblic Life reveals a shocking lack of religious knowledge among Americans. For example, over fifty percent of American Protestants have no idea who even began their religion, let alone posses any understanding what Martin Luther was urging. As one who teaches people in their twenties I can say without hesitation their knowledge of religion is just about on the level with their knowledge of politics or American history–non-existent. The survey obviously identifies vast areas of ignorance concerning religion although Jews come out better than Christians. At least Jews every Passover review the story of the Exodus. Perhaps, Christians should use holidays like Easter to actually get the family around a table and discuss what the heck Easter is all about. Or, they could arrange boxing matches between Catholics and Protestants in which the winning boxer’s religion becomes the religion for all–at least for a month.

Ironically, atheists come out as top scorers in the religion test. Does this suggest if one analyzes several religions, examines their content, the end result will be –keep religion out of my life? Ironically, Christians who decry Muslims lack any knowledge of their own religion. I guess that qualifies them to be an expert on Muslims or any of those backward religions.