Religious Freedom To Hate In Mississippi

Conservatives in the United States of America so often boast about their patriotism and hatred of Islamic religious fanatics. The State of Mississippi passed a law which prevents “the government” from infringing upon my freedom to practice religion in any way, shape or form that is consistent with my interpretation of religion. So, if you enter my store and indicate that you are a gay or lesbian person, then I can eject you from my premises. Of course, it is a bit confusing to me how I know or do not know if someone is gay or lesbian. Is it possible that a very gay person enters my store but is not gay the way the law says I can resist? Suddenly, all over the state hundreds of stores are now displaying a blue sticker on their windows which proudly states: “We don’t Discriminate. If you’re buying, we’re selling.”

Of course, my interpretation of religion means:

1. I will not pay taxes because God told me He is against taxation.

2. I can have five wives because my religion so permits the man to possess.

3. My religion, the Religion of the Gun, permits me to shoot anyone not of my religion. It is my Religious Constitutional right to kill you. Just check with God!