Religious Hatred Kills Dozens In Pakistan

It is about four hundred years since Christians engaged in slaughter of one another in the name of truth and God. Muslims today apparently have never learned anything from past religious conflict and prefer to kill one another in the name of truth and God and hatred of the evil West. For some reason, it is striking a blow against the West by killing dozens of innocent fellow Muslims. A suicide bomber in Karachi, Pakistan, blew himself up along with at least 30 innocent fellow Muslims and left dozens wounded in the latest example of madness that goes under the guise of believing in God so much that it is permissible to kill the innocent. Crowds went on a rampage after the attack, torching cars and throwing stones at ambulances that had arrived to care for their stricken family members.

It was Ashura, a holy day of prayer for Shiites who constitute about 20% of the Pakistan population, but this was of no difference to a man who undoubtedly believes he is a devout Muslim. Perhaps, it is time for Muslims to go on a rampage against terrorists who kill the innocent and cease blaming the West or others for what is being done by fellow Pakistanis.