Religious Leaders Oppose Veiled Women!

Ordinarily, when the issue of allowing Muslim women who wear the veil into public places arises, opponents come from secular forces within Turkish society, but recent efforts to achieve this goal are being opposed by conservative Muslim clerics. A group of Turkish women who term their efforts as “Gathering Women Platform,” are demanding the right of females to wear veils in Parliament. Their slogan is: “No Veiled Deputy, No Vote” campaign. One would assume their enemies would be secular activists who fear growing clerical power in society, but among their fiercest enemies is a Muslim cleric.

Ali Bulc, a conservative, denounced their campaign on grounds it smacks of feminism, and only serves to reinforce secularists who want to halt such changes. Bulc urged women to avoid such groups on grounds this is an issue that must be resolved by men. Hilal Kaplan, a feminist, charged Bulc ‘cannot stand veiled women who w ork and make money, rather than just stay home and look after the children.” Those seeking the right of women to wear a veil while serving in Parliament claim many conservatives are against women being acitivists because allowing women to achieve this goal only strengthens forces of change.

As a firm believer in secularism, we support the right of Muslim women to wear a veil in colleges or public establishments, including Parliament. Most men disguise their true motives in politics and they do not wear veils!