Religious Muslims Kill Religious Muslims

It was a typical Friday afternoon and about 300 men, women and children had gathered to pray in the mosque. The voices of those in prayer quietly sounded across the house of worship. Mid-way through the session, a teenage boy entered, he walked toward the center of the mosque, then slowly opened his jacket, reached in and pulled a pin. There was a deafening roar, bodies suddenly were hit by the blast, some were thrown into the air while dozens disintegrated under the force of the blast. Within moments, seventy dead bodies lay on the ground, most without limbs and moans could be heard from dozens of wounded men, women and children. I am not a Muslim, heck, I am not a religious fanatic for any religion. My life experience is there are no worse criminals and sadists than those who shout words of religion as they slaughter the innocent. I simply do not understand how a Muslim kills innocent Muslims under the assumption some important religious act is being performed.

The deaths occurred in Pakistan near areas containing al-Qaeda and Taliban forces. In the old days, the Taliban consisted of men who believed in some form of the Muslim religion. It is doubtful if any Muslim cleric can justify such attacks.