Religious Wars Roll On Between Huckabee and Romney

The religious conflict between presidential candidates Huckabee and Romney heated up as the Arkansas traveler made clear he is a Christian, but he wasn’t quite clear who was or wasn’t a Christian. When asked about whether or not Mormons could be considered to be Christians, he responded: “I’m not going to go off into evaluating other people’s doctrines and faiths.” He also appeared on the resurrected Don Imus show where he again was asked about his religious views: “It’s like saying Baptists are Christians. The ones who follow Jesus Christ are, the one’s who don’t aren’t.”

The reference to Baptists who follow or don’t follow Christ is not analogous to questions about the Mormon religion. One can be a Baptist whose interpretation of “following Christ” differs from that of Huckabee, but the question is more fundamental– is the Mormon religion a truly Christian one? Huckabee has dramatically jumped into the limelight and now may well lead in the Iowa poll. He will no longer be viewed as the country bumpkin at the end of the presidential pack, and each word he now speaks will be carefully scrutinized. A woman whose daughter was killed by a rapist who got a parole from Huckabee is now attacking his candidacy. Welcome to the presidential asylum, Mr. Huckabee, you are now right in the middle of the fray and every angry person will begin coming after you.

  • Allyn Paul

    This one is easy. ‘Baptist’ is a flavor of Christianity. The term ‘Baptist’ merely tells folks what to expect in the form of worship and tradition.
    ‘Mormon,’ however, is an exclusive religious “club” that looks upon ALL other religions and belief systems as false.

    Mormons are NOT Christians, they are Mormons.

    See my blog where I write about Romney and the truth behind his campaign…it’s really just a marketing ploy for the LDS church.