Religius Figure Who Dislikes Gays Appointed To English Human Rights Group

The appointment of an evangelical Christian who has controversial view son homosexuality to the human rights watchdog committee chaired by Trevor Philips had caused a furor. The Rev. Joel Edwards has campaigned against legislation which would ben discrimination against gays and has argued that Christians do not want themselves “coerced” by law into assisting in the promotion of homosexuality. As Terry Sanderson of the National secular Society put it: “How on earth is he going to look objectively at gay issues when he has made a career out of opposing equality for homosexuals?” Mr. Edwards responded by stating his “faith convictions” are “compatible with serving the interests of all citizens.” A spokesperson for the committee claimed the group was interested in securing the views of people from a wide range of ideology but laws against discrimination against gays would not be impacted by the appointment of Edwards.

Since the human rights committee seeks a wide range of political, social and moral views, one can assume they shortly will be appointing Nazis and religious fanatics to the group. There is a difference between respecting divergent views as against appointing those with extreme views to positions of authority. There is no place on a human rights commission for an individual who is against gay rights anymore than allowing an individual who opposes free speech to a commission that safeguards free speech.