Remember Fall Of 2001?

I recall vividly the fall of 2001 when our gallant president informed the nation that he was sending troops into battle in Afghanistan since we “had to fight them there rather than here.” Fox News charged that anyone who opposed the war was simply a friend of terrorism. That was then, and, alas, now is now. Latest polls reveal that 66% of Americans oppose the war in Afghanistan. About 48% do agree the presence of US troops helps Afghanistan to be stable while 36% say it leads to more instability.

Americans had a love affair with war, with a president who promised to end terrorism and bring democracy to the world. I recall how FOX News smeared the names of an American senator who had lost both arms and legs in Vietnam by charging him with being disloyal. It would be wonderful to show those videos at a time when those  who are against the war might be reminded how they were for the war. Ah, but that was a long, long time ago!