Remember Freedom Of Speech?

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there lived a nice young college professor in the kingdom of Chicago which was governed by the clan of Daley. These kindly folk believed that everyone and anyone should say what he desired because in the end, the Daley clan would triumph and its version of the Truth would prevail. This young man became a leader of the United States of America and failed to grasp the first rule of being a leader. Let anyone express his views, because in the end, those with money would triumph in any contest for the truth. John Dennis Apel has been fighting against war for nearly 25 years. He protests any place which allows him to protest. I doubt if more than a few thousand even know of his existence. The nice college professor, turned president has never grasped the Daley concept of leadership. They believe more to be gained by allowing everyone to speak than making someone famous by preventing speech.

A portion of the Pacific Coast Highway cuts through an air force base near Santa Barbara. Mr. Apel wants to speak at a spot set aside for those who want to protest about something. The government wants to deny Mr. Apel the right to speak but are willing to grant that right to other people. The case is headed for the Supreme Court. If I was President Obama I would talk to a Daley about how to handle dissent. Let everyone speak and no one will become famous. Oppose speech and they become important.

Remember Obama was the guy who gave us the Affordable Care Act.

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