Remember Mitt’s Warning!

Few will ever forget the cry of “Remember the Alamo”or the warning that we must “Remember Pearl Harbor” but the American people have not yet made their awareness of dire warnings from one Mitt Romney that electing Barack Obama would result in the collapse of the American economy. Mitt warned over and over again that to raise taxes on wealthy folk would lead them to close factories and head to a warmer climate-say in China. The number of Americans filing new unemployment benefits has dropped for the third straight week.  The unemployment rate has declined to 7.7%. Over in England, Prime Minister David Cameron supported Romney economic ideas of cutting and cutting government expenditures. There were 233,000 new jobs in America last month while there were no new jobs in England.

The stock market just reached new highs even though taxes rose for the wealthy. Remember what Mitt warned about-the wealthy would cease  producing if you made them pay an additional two  percent in taxes!