Remember Ronald Reagan?

Rick Santorum is campaigning in the state of Kansas seeking votes from conservatives. He compared Mitt Romney as being simply another version of that guy in the White House named, Barack Obama. In the view of Rick, a Mitt by any other name is simply a liberal at heart. Rick placed himself as another version of sainted Ronald Reagan. “The guy who was too conservative-remember him? The guy who talked about the sanctity of life and the importance of marriage in America.”

I regret to inform the former senator from the state of Pennsylvania that he lacks any knowledge of Ronald Reagan. St. Ronald assumed the presidency when our national debt was $900 billion and when he left the presidency it was $2 Trillion. He raised taxes over ten times. Neither as governor of California nor president of the USA did he ever propose limits on  abortion rights, limits on contraception rights or limits on Planned Parenthood. As for marriage, St. Ronald did marry twice. So much for the sanctity of marriage unless you  believe the more the merrier.