Remember The Alamo!

Many Americans are angry about Mexicans coming into THEIR land and taking away THEIR jobs. Of course, from an historical viewpoint, Mexicans used to own THEIR land. We forget that most of the southwest was once the property of the Mexican government, and many people of Mexican descent can trace their history further back than Governor Rick Perry or Tea Party members. British musician Phil Collins is among the world’s most well read people about the famous battle of The Alamo during the American settler revolt against the Mexican government during the 1830s. The Mexican government invited Americans to settle in Texas. Then, those lousy Mexicans decided to end slavery. Hell, what better reason to rebel than to protect the sanctity of YOUR PROPERTY! Anyway, Phil Collins has the world’s greatest private collection of Alamo memorabilia. He decided to donate the material to the state of Texas.

Among the over 500 pieces was a Davy Crockett rifle, cannon balls from the battle, and the buckle worn by William Travis who led the Americans. According to Phil he initially got hooked on The Alamo while watching the TV series, Davy Crockett. “Everybody’s got something they escape to.” I assume that those who do not want “foreign Mexicans” coming to their land might pick up a history book and learn that the real “illegal immigrants” are the Americans who revolted against a government that wanted to end slavery!