Thank God we have school districts like Menifee, California which stand guard in protection of our children against atheistic fee love types who seek to brain wash these youngsters with pornographic images. This courageous district has taken all copies of the Merriman-Webster dictionary off the shelves of the library in order to ensure that children do not come across such salacious items as, “oral sex.” A parent noted this item in the dictionary and the school responded by doing its duty of riding schools of any book which propogates wild sex. A spokesman for the school board promised to go through the dictionary and “we’ll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature.”

And, some Americans wonder why their nation which boasts idiots like the Tea Party ranting about tea taxes that lowered the price of tea to be a crime against humanity is the object of ridicule! First, they came for the dictionaries, then they came for the librarians, and finally they came for every idiot parent who reads dictionaries seeking dirty words.