Rent Land, Leave Hunger?

As wealthy nations exhaust their own land or shift from farming to home construction, the need for food to feed their people becomes a critical issue. However, a solution to the problem of overuse of land has been found in Africa– lease land from desperately poor nations and feed your country while those in Africa slowly starve to death! Impoverished and chronically food-insecure nations are leasing their nations to Asian and Middle Eastern countries which are desperate for land on which to grow food. It is estimated about 20 million hectares have been leased in just the past two years. The desert nation of Saudi Arabia is shifting wheat production from its own territory to Africa and allowing African land to be the source of its food supply. Even as drought devastates areas in east Africa, Middle Eastern countries are grabbing available land to use for its own food sources.

There is one hope in this madness–will using modern industrial style food production not only provide food for Middle Eastern and Asian nations, but also provide it for Africans? Can African nations lease their land on condition a set amount must be used for feeding their own people?