Most Serene Reltih

I have just completed a dorg(two years planet Earth time) and am submitting a report as to our activities on this third planet from the Sun which is called, planet Earth. I trust our Anthropology Department will find this description of local life forms (termed, Human here) to be interesting. This week in the sector of the planet known as the United States of America, many of the life forms are celebrating the work of a dead leader known as Ronald Reagan. He is regarded by those known as “Republicans” as a hero because he was against what they term to be, “taxes” and because he wanted to make certain the government did not spend more money(our, gort) than it is received. But, according to records we found in a “library,” this man did the opposite–he raised taxes and he increased their debt. In other words, these life forms known as, “Americans,” hail as a hero a life form who does the exact opposite from what they believe! Fascinating life forms, I must say. These same Republicans elected as leader a life form known as, George Bush, on ground he would lower the debt. When he assumed office, it was $5 Trillion and when he left it was $11 Trillion American money. They then attacked the leader of the new life forms as the cause of the higher debt!

Many life forms on this planet believe in something they term to be, “God.” They believe this “God” created the entire Universe. I was consuming some life nutrients(called, food) when in a conversation with a life form was told the planet had only been in existence for 8,000 Earth years! The problem is even more complex. Some life forms on the planet believe in a God and call themselves, “Jews.” Another group of life forms, who originally were Jews, call themselves “Christian” and insist the Jewish God sent a “son” to the planet to save them! There is another group who call themselves, “Muslim” who believe there was an original Jewish God and then a Christian God, but then came another God who they term, the Prophet. They devote considerable time and money on the subject of God. In fact, they construct huge buildings in which to pray to their Gods even though there are life forms in their midst who lack shelter! I leave it to our scholars to comprehend the pattern of thinking of Earth Humans.

I must cease writing for the moment in order to view what they term to be a “Super Bowl.” One group of humans engage in play with another group of humans and there is a “winner” who then is hailed by all. They certainly do like this activity known as “sports.”