Report Highlights Sexual Abuse By Teachers To Students

A report published by Plan, an international organization which monitors abuse of children including teacher-student relations, indicates millions of children are threatened with receiving poor grades unless they provide sexual favors to teachers. Plan believes sexual violence is institutionalized in many schools throughout Africa and teachers are brutalizing and threatening children to grant them sex or face the consequences. The report suggests many children who have been forced into sex by teachers are more likely to get AIDS and have a higher suicide rate than other children. Plan argues that 90 nations continue to allow teachers to inflict physical harm to children they deem to have misbehaved. In the long run, corporal punishment simply makes violence part of school life.

Tom Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Plan, notes: “This report presents shocking and irrefutable evidence that children across the globe are regularly sexually and physically abused by the v ery adults who have a duty to protect them. Violence in schools was too often viewed as acceptable or necessary by education authorities, parents, and governments.”

During my 52 years as a teacher of secondary and college students, I have never once felt the need to inflict physical punishment on a child.