Reporter Reveals It All!

Sarah Tessler, reporter of the Houston Chronicle is a courageous young women  who is willing to reveal to the public the entire news and leave nothing unseen or unsaid. During the day, she reports for the Houston Chronicle, at night she reports herself to the public and bares all. Sarah is a full time reporter and a part time strip tease artist. For some strange reason, her willingness to reveal all to the public upsets her superiors at the newspaper. They fired her for conduct unbecoming to a  reporter.

Frankly, this country could use some political leaders willing to bare all instead of covering up what they possess. We need more people like Sarah who go before the public in naked honesty willing to allow all to witness them as is and avoiding hiding the truth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mitt and Newt and Rick and Sarah and Michele and Herman displayed their true selves??