Reporting A Fiji Revolution!

Once again Fiji had a revolution when its senior judges declared the government was illegally constituted. Naturally, the illegal government got rid of the judges and threw in getting rid of the constitution which they claim discriminates against the Indian minority. Commodore Frank Bainimarama assured the populace emergency regulations were in force and asked security personnel to keep watch over the media. The Fiji Times, the leading newspaper came out with an issue that had blank spaces that should have reported the coup, but apparently, the good commodore doesn’t think the news of what he did will get known to the population of Fiji. The Commodore assured everyone he eventually would call an election to restore democracy and rewrite the constitution.

The Australian government condemned the revolution and urged Australians to stay away from Fiji. It is reassuring to know there are leaders in the world who overthrow democracy in order to restore democracy. It is so reassuring to know that blank spaces in a newspaper will not be interpreted by readers as being anything other than an effort to reduce the amount of reading material.

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  • Don


    Great news broadcasting… What are the specific “controversial items in ” the constitution which they claim discriminates against the Indian minority.”?

    Looking forward to reading further news on the Fiji Revolution or “coup”.

    Keep it up…