Reporting For Duty, Sir!

General John Allen has reported back to duty in Afghanistan and resumed heading the American armed forces in that nation. He had been sidetracked for a few weeks due to sending thousands of emails to a woman known as, Jill Kelley. The president  of the United States apparently has full confidence in an officer who in, addition to supervising thousands of soldiers has sufficient time to send and receive a few thousand  emails from a woman back in the States.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Republicans in Congress will demand an investigation into the emails on grounds whatever happens in the American military when a Democrat is in office must contain some bit of dirt to be politically exploited. First Benghazi, now emails, let us get to the bottom of those emails. There are unconfirmed reports from Fox News that Allen was part of a Muslim conspiracy to divert attention to sex from fighting in Afghanistan.

I await claims from Fox News that Allen was engaged in a  love affair with a black woman named, Michelle!