Reporting Tragedy In America

The reporting of our weekly tragedies in America have become a new source of folly for those who watch these events. I watched CNN during the recent shooting in Washington D.C. and was fascinated when a reporter spent several minutes discussing the height of a building. The highlight of my tour of duty learning from the people of the media occurred when one reporter commented about misinformation that was being reported only to ask another reporter,”you have some new information, don’t you?” It was unclear whether the man had new information or new misinformation. Then again, who knows what information is what information? Trucks speed to the latest scene of death with great expectation they will be a witness to some important event in world history. In reality, they are simply hacks hacking around to kill the time with data that will be read tomorrow.

I find it sad that so few on CNN or other networks explore the horror of issues such as gun control or background checks. We now inhabit the domain of trivia. Frankly, one learns more watching an NFL game than observing the game of who can spout more misinformation.