Reports Of Gaddafi Being Dead

The Libyan government insists that dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been killed while trying to flee from his stronghold of Sirte. They will show pictures of the dead body in order to offer proof the  bad man is truly dead. Initially, some soldiers claim the brave man shouted, “don’t shoot, don’t shoot” when he was confronted. Apparently, some soldiers fired and killed him. It is still unclear what has happened to his sons who are running as fast as they can to get away from Libya.

OK, Gaddafi is dead. But, now begins the real story. What will happen to Libya and its people? Will religious fundamentalists install a clerical regime which clamps down on secular Libyans who played such an important role in over throwing the dictator? Many secular leaders had been in exile and returned to  help lead the revolution so it is not surprising that clerical folk claim they are “outsiders.”

It would be ironic if the West helped overthrow a secular minded dictator in order to install a clerical minded group of dictators.