Republic Of Donetsk Proclaimed!

All Hail the new Republic of Donetsk. Actually, this area of the Ukraine was created in the 1870s by a Welshman named John Hughes and for years it bore his name. But, today, proud Russian citizens who are either citizens of Ukraine, citizens of Russia, citizens of Donetsk or just plain citizens of some place or somewhere. Oh, they did have a vote, a referendum in which those who wanted to become citizens of the Republic of Donetsk came out to cast their paper ballots, and those who opposed this motion believed it was better to remain home than attempt to vote in what was not regarded as a legal election. Heck, they counted the thousands of paper ballots in the Republic of Donetsk within two hours and had the results. I wonder if they require a government issued ID like Republicans desire for Americans??

Anyway, calmer people are attempting to create a form of government in Ukraine which would decentralize some power to regions and other powers to a central government in Kiev. This might be a logical resolution of issues between regions and the central authority. There is now evidence that Russian President Putin has second thoughts about inheriting the economic mess of the Republic of Donetsk.