Republic Of Fear

An election for the new president of Iran will occur this week. Iranians are offered a free choice as to whom to elect, they can push either one of a half dozen names from the list as their next leader. Of course, those names were originally selected by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who asked a group of elderly guys to make up a list. Of course, no one  on the list is an individual who actually believes he will become the president, if elected. The winner should know that an elected leader is someone who knows to check with the bearded old  man before doing anything of interest.

Iran is a huge 55 million person jail. Speak your mind, and enjoy a nice prison cell. Actually, come  up with ideas to make Iran prosperous and enjoy some lashes to your body. Above all, the Ayatollah has learned from previous mistakes, never, never allow the Iranian people an actual choice. If you do there will be riots in the street.

As Saeed Jalili, an  obedient stooge for the Ayatollah puts it: No compromise, no submission, Only Jailili.