Republican Aftermath Impacts Gays

There is no surprise that in the aftermath of the Republican victory on Tuesday, forces of hate and anger toward gays and lesbians will emerge from their holes. On Saturday, Marine Commander, General James Amos, blasted efforts to end DADT. “This is not a social thing, this is combat effectiveness” were his words of wisdom. Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responded that “I was surprised by what he said, and surprised he said it publicly.” It turns out commanders of various branches of the service were asked by Mullen to “look at the data, and then make recommendations privately.” Forget about privacy, those like Amos know they have friends in the House of Representatives and they know President Obama is on the defense.

Amos is simply the tip of the iceberg of hate that will engulf the American nation now that Republicans control a branch of the government.