Republican Apologizes-Wow!

These days to be a member of the Republican party serving in  Congress it violates your sacred duty to admit doing anything wrong. You must believe that Democrats and the foreigner who currently serves as president is always wrong about everything. After all, Democrats are Muslims who come from some far off African nation. Representative Paul Ryan charged General Martin Dempsey, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of lying when he said the military budget proposed by President Obama was adequate for military needs.

Ryan called General Dempsey to  apologize for saying the military was not giving its ‘true advice” on the Obama military budget. This budget allocates $614 billion which is more than ALL military budgets of nations of the world. It is interesting that Army generals under former President Bush gave in  to  his demands for conformity except for Army  General Shinseki who told the truth about Iraq plans and was forced to resign.