Republican Arsonists Fire Away

Future historians will have a field day producing books that attempt to explain the destructive behavior of members of the Republican party during the initial decades of the 21st century. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House minority leader aptly described Republicans as “legislative arsonists” who simply want to shut down the government and get a law repealed. During the election of 2012, Mitt Romney ran on a platform of repealing the Affordable Care Act. He lost the election. Republicans insist they must destroy the Affordable Care Act because “the people” are against it. OK, if they are against it, why didn’t they elect Romney? John Boehner has given in to the nut cases known as the Tea Party who are ready to have America declare bankruptcy in order to repeal the health care law. They want to shut down the government, prevent those on Medicare from receiving their monthly payments because they want to “save America.”

I am reminded of an incident from the Vietnam war when an army officer explained that he had to destroy the village in order to save it from Viet Cong guerrillas.