Republican Bill Fairy Pays For Health Care!

The Republican party in Congress is set to vote on ending the new health care bill in order to save America from the evils of socialism or communism or some “ism” that seeks to destroy all that Americans hold dear in their lives. Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner raised a question to his fellow congressmen in noting those without health care will have to go to an emergency room for help: “who do you think pays that bill. The bill fairy?” Republicans constantly insist if you don’t have health care there is always that Emergency Room. I guess no one realized there is also a Republican Bill Fairy who hovers over the room and then rushes to pay the bills of those without health insurance. Oh, I forgot, if the Republican Bill Fairy doesn’t pay there is always the Charity Bill Fairy who will appear. As a Democrat congressman noted, ending the health care bill would result in “the insurance industry popping champagne bottles.”

I guess when all is said and done, the Republican party by voting to end health care will receive a visit from their own fairy–HEALTH CARE FAIRY WHO PAYS BILLS OF REPUBLICANS RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!